Book includes my art

Published Art

The book, Dwelling with Philippians:  A Conversation with Scripture through Image and Word, published by Eerdmans, is chock full of art, poetry and thoughtful reflections, including two of my images – Stand Firm and For Those In Captivity.  It is available through Amazon and other book sellers.  Buy Dwelling with Philippians

One thought on “Book includes my art

  1. Rachel,
    Our adult Sunday morning class at St. John’s United Methodist church is using Dwelling with Philippians as a study guide. We were intrigued with the contrasting images in “For Those in Captivity.” A few comments from the class:1. The door is open, but we have to find our own way out. 2. The music flows from the mouth of the liberated half down to the captive half. 3. The blood of Christ flows from the chalice to open the eye of the heart.

    We spent 20 minutes talking about the artwork, discovering the unique images, until we had to break up the class. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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